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Capital Allocators – Inside the Institutional Investment Industry

May 9, 2017

Josh Brown is the CEO of Ritholz Wealth Management, a NYC based financial advisor that helps people align their investments with their financial goals. He is well known in social media financial circles for his decade-long, insightful blog, The Reformed Broker, his Twitter handle, Downtown Josh Brown, and his regular appearances on CNBC’s Halftime Report. Josh has written two books on personal finance and has been published in every major financial newspaper and periodical.
Josh’s personal story is one for the ages, rising from a start learning all the wrong lessons in a boiler room-style brokerage to embodying the moniker of the reformed broker. We spend some time hearing his story and then turn to how he applies the lessons he has learned to managing portfolios for individuals. The principles Josh employs at Ritholz are simple to say and hard to deliver.
Don’t be fooled by Josh’s casual speaking style and occasional, entertaining slip of the tongue; he has one of the sharpest minds in the business and is chock full of deep insights.
Please enjoy my conversation with Josh Brown.

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