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Capital Allocators – Inside the Institutional Investment Industry

Jan 14, 2019

Jean Hynes is a Managing Partner at Wellington Management, where she one of three people responsible for the governance of Wellington’s storied partnership.  Jean also is the sector leader of the firm’s healthcare team that manages the Vanguard Healthcare Fund, three global healthcare hedge funds, and global healthcare sector portfolios. She joined Wellington after graduating from college in 1991 and has been at the firm ever since. 

Our conversation covers Wellington’s humanistic culture, its evolution from a U.S. value shop to a global federation of boutiques, talent recruitment, the successful merit-based partnership structure, and the Wellington of the future.  Along the way we touch on Jean’s progression from an administrative assistant to a Managing Partner, the healthcare team’s investment philosophy and process, a day in her work life, and topical issues of active vs. passive, public and private investing, and large vs. small firms.

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