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Capital Allocators – Inside the Institutional Investment Industry

Aug 5, 2019

My guest on today’s first meeting is Paul Black of WCM Investment Management.  This show is a replay of our conversation on Capital Allocators last year, and has been one of the most listened to conversations with a manager on the show.  At the time, WCM managed $26 billion and since then they’ve continued to perform and grow.  Today, WCM oversees $40 billion and earlier this year announced the sale of a minority stake in their business to Natixis Investment Managers.

Paul Black is portfolio manager and Co-CEO of WCM Investment Management, a $26 billion manager of global equities that he joined when it was a $200 million boutique in 1989.  His early career included positions at Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America.

Our conversation starts with Paul’s trial-by-fire entry into the business and turns to growth stock investing, including defining a great growth company, searching for widening moats, assessing a culture tied to competitive advantage, creating a positive culture, learning from mistakes, identifying tailwinds, and protecting the downside.

Paul embodies the principals he preaches and offers some tasty food for thought.

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