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Capital Allocators – Inside the Institutional Investment Industry

Oct 15, 2018

Michael Schwimer is the CEO of Big League Advance, a company that makes investments in Minor League baseball players in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of their future earnings.  Before founding BLA, Michael was a professional baseball player, working his way through the minors and reaching the majors as a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies.  A shoulder injury left him pondering what to do next, which led to the creation of BLA. 

Our conversation discusses Michael’s career as a player, the difficult life of Minor Leaguers, and his mission to improve their fortunes.  We discuss his passion for statistics, application of Sabremetrics, and development of a team of All-Stars in the game of sports analytics.  We close with a look into the future of BLA and Michael’s prediction for this year’s World Series Champion.  Whether his bet proves right or wrong, Michael’s rationale exemplifies second order thinking through the lens of data analytics that is never far from his mind.

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